24. 12. 2005

Christmas has become an overhyped, over-commercialized drinking, eating and spending frenzy. And the ones who can afford to do that tend to forget that there are many for whom Christmas is not so happy, not so rich. That is why I am asking you for a minute. Please stop stuffing yourself with food and drinks. And think about children who are not as lucky as you are and as your kids or your neighbours kids.
There is this organization called CARF The Children At Risk Foundation. It deals with streetkids all over the world to give them a better chance to survive and to a better life.
Marília took the innitiative to spread the word on Flickr and I am hopefully contributing a little bit to this good cause by posting this message.
Visit this link and donate an amount of money that you can miss to give a streetkid somewhere in the world a better life. Lots have done it before you, including myself. Make this world a better place, if you can. Thanks for your time and I wish you a Smiling Good Christmas.

In voller Länge ein Text von Eelco aka Smiling da Vinci bei Flickr.
Zustimmung, ohne Wenn und Aber.
Frohe Weihnachten!

Eine Antwort zu “Weihnachten”

  1. Thank you so much for publishing this.
    We are always grateful for the compassion shown towards our work with street children and other children at risk.
    Marília’s Flickr Campaign continues to support the kids at Hummingbird in Brazil and anyone is welcome to contribute.

    To visit our many image galleries on Flickr for more information about our work, please Click Here!

    Social Entrepreneur and Founder
    The Children At Risk Foundation – CARF