Neu und für umme

Zum zweiten Advent ein Geschenk für Leserinnen und Leser mit gutem Geschmack (also just for YOU): Das neue Online Photoblogs Magazin ist erschienen. Aus der Ankündigung:

This magazine continues to be a sort of global travel journal, this month starting in Mongolia with David, then heading over to Venice for a history lesson with Ariela Pelaia; then to the unique streets of Kathmandu with Rod Purcell; over to England for a glimpse into the plight of the Romany Gypsies from Fred Chance’s perspective; followed by a trip to Toronto for a look at the flawed beauty captured through the lens of Gary J. Wood; and finally heading south to the Hurricane ravaged Louisiana for a report on the lost pets in the wake of Katrina, as seen by photographer Paul Wood.